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A sit down with Elley Ray

| Duration:
Join Spec as Ms. Elley Ray joins us for a 2 hour long interview about the current state of the world, her near death life stories, how she got into MLP, Alot of Mistmane love, and how she touches the hearts of bronys everywhere!

Bronypalooza 2020

| Duration:
A 46 minute set of bangin' fandom tunes.

/mlp/ drawstream!

| Duration:
Art requests relating to the show, the fandom and board culture.

/mlp/odcast Live

| Duration:
Are you an adult fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? Do you enjoy browsing the memes on 4chan's /mlp/ board? Then come hang out with other like-minded anons as we talk ponies, fandom drama, and the dankest memes. A random group of six anons is selected as hosts each week, ensuring only the highest quality banter for you.

Make Her Real - Pony Tulpas

| Duration:
She's real, anon. In ways you probably wouldn't expect. This co-hosted panel will talk about what waifu tulpas are like, how people can make one, and the ways they can change your life for the better.

Sketching/Drawing stuff i dunno

| Duration:
Sketching audience suggestions. I've been learning how to draw recently. I'm still REALLY bad and mostly using this as an excuse for practice. If no one else has a better idea I'll host a relaxed stream where I draw horsepussy or something I dunno

Comic Dub Premiere

| Duration:
Through advancements in A.I., Anon takes you on a spiritual journey through space and time to a place where no central nervous system has ever been before. Be there or be square.

Ponyholics Anonymous (the one where we drink)

| Duration:
The ride never ends on this audience participation heavy panel. Memes will be shared, cringe will be viewed, sphaghetti will fly out of pockets, and shots will be called. We will go as until we literally pass out or everyone leaves most likely.

Nostalgia Bombing Hour

| Duration:
I will go through old fandom and board happenings, list the best GETs, dig up ancient copypastas and long dead generals, and so on, and read them and show screencaps on stream.

The Pony Voice Preservation Project Q&A

| Duration:
Various anons from the Pony Voice Preservation Project showcase their remarkable progress on the road to making wAIfus real. This includes a discussion on AI in general and its applications to the MLP fandom, a history of the project's timeline, Q&A, and ending with a showcase of some of the best AI voice content produced so far. Current confirmed attendees on the panel are Synthbot, Cookie and Clipper.

Weekly Rewatch Stream

| Duration:
We will be continuing our rewatch of the show with the Season 3 premiere. Expect a load of fan videos from the time it aired, and a lot of gakposting.


| Duration:
The /mlp/ 4cc team will be hosting a small tournament on June 13th. The tournament participants were chosen through a poll asking (You) to pick your favorite FAG teams. It will start off with Apple Family vs. Cloudsdale Factory, then The Wonderbolts vs. Too Many Pinkie Pies. The winners will face off to see will take the crown. After the finals, we will have a special final boss that I'm sure will please you. Please tune into the mlp4cc channel on Twitch or whatever CyTube channel the con is streamed to for all the action. If you've never watched a match of our brand of virtual divegrass we welcome you to join and hopefully enjoy.

the preaches of the princess and confessing your sins

| Duration:
I want to do a sermon on why anons should worship the princess . With al the anons that want to confess what they have done wrong . While asking the princess for forgiveness

Equestrian Wrestling Entertainment

| Duration:
Equestrian Wrestling Entertainment is a pony wrestling show made in Fire Pro Wrestling World. Our contribution to /mlp/con is an Exploding Deathmatch Tournament involving 16 top vote-getting Waifus. The winner gets a shot at the Best Waifu Title, unless it's already the champion Trixie, then well, LOL TRIXIE WINS. Challonge:

Sketches From a Hat: Gallus Simp Edition

| Duration:
The world famous Artist Illuminati, which includes hack frauds such as:
Jargon Scott, AnonTheAnon, MKogwheel, Ashtoneer, ahappypichu, pabbles, ponyquarantine, and rhorse. Also wenni for handling requests and talking shit in VC
will take requests pulled from a hat, but there's a catch!
All the requests will need to have one specific topic in order to be accepted.
Making fun of gallus for being a baby bitch!
Anontheanon is jewish

Playing Ace Combat & talking ponies

| Duration:
I play ace combat and talk about ponies, and people can call in

Cooking with Retards Variety Show

| Duration:
Watch as an autist attempts to make some of the high quality goods from the MLP cookbook while drinking, playing live music, and having access to loaded firearms! All while quarantined with a family filled with no less than four normies who have no idea what is going on. This can't go wrong.

BCS's Panel About Art Programs and Fanart

| Duration:
Learn more about Autodesk Sketchbook, Rebelle 3, and Paintstorm Studio, discuss art, and maybe get a pony drawn

/mlp/ dubs: The Last Dubs premiere

| Duration:
If it's finished on time, we'll premiere the long awaited /mlp/ dubs: The Last Dubs (not really) at this time.

The Barcast!

| Duration:
The Barcast is a community oriented podcast where you pick the guest, ask the questions, and we make our guests miserable and drunk! Stop on by with your drink of choice and strap-in for questions no sane person would want answered!

18+ MLP porn viewing

| Duration:
Gather with RarityRover, Twifaganon and Lyrafag as they view and rate the hottest of the ponies and other creatures from the show. Sexy plots, lingerie, fetishes and a whole lot of mare pussy. Hold your dicks and get your rousing fix.

Xx_SuperPonysplosionHidingInsideOfOurHousesSu33MyBigBlackNiggaDick_xX [ONLINE]

| Duration:
Just show up bros

The random Button on derpi

| Duration:
I will spend 30 minutes just hitting the random image button on derpibooru, 21+ panel. join me as we see the best and worst art from this fandom

watch sgap and pinkiepieswear for an hour

| Duration:
literally just the best oldfag music videos for an hour or until the playlist is done, probably 50 or so minutes

The last row podcast

| Duration:
We'll teach you how to wine and dine with pretty mares.


| Duration:
Some of the con organizers will get together to talk about the con. What it took to put it together and thank all of you for helping us out.
Because in the end it was the entire board who did this, not one single person.
Then we'll all just shitpost until we all pass out I guess. Though that part may not be streamed.